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Visual Basic-, C- and DELPHI- Applications

The MS-Windows Software Developer Kit (SDK) is a optional feature of tcACCESS. The tcACCESS OCX programming interface can be used by all Windows based OCX-capable programming languages like C, Visual Basic, Delphi etc. Due to the visual functionality of OCX, the implementation of tcACCESS functions into a program will be greatly simplified. For example, it is now a simple procedure to access a mainframe resource like a VSAM-file or a DL/I or IMS database segment from a Visual Basic program. All tcACCESS functions are available.

Functions of the OCX interface

The following tcACCESS functions will be supported by the OCX-interface:

Component Description
Config All functions required to administer and configure tcACCESS.
Connection All functions required to establish a connection to the host.
HostDir All functions required to determine and retrieve host directories.
Sql Functions to provide SQL access to host files.
Download All functions required to download host files to the PC.
Upload All functions required to upload PC files to the host.
Import These functions allow the import of field structure definitions (i.e. Copybooks).
LowLevel This component contains basic functions for the host communication as well as a function to synchronously execute a Windows application.


  • Graphical OCX interface for VisualBasic, C and DELPHI
  • Create program structures using Drag & Drop
  • Automatic provision of all functional variables
  • Fast program development for a direct communication with the tcACCESS Host.


Data selected from mainframe files can be stored in XML format. This enables e-business-applications to further process the data. The intelligent data mapping functions and the use of SQL-statements do not require mainframe know-how to process the mainframe files by e-business applications. tcACCESS customers always confirm the time- and money-savings during the integration process of mainframe sources.


  • Platform independent processing of mainframe data
  • Data exchange with any type of Open System application
  • Optional creation of schema files
  • Simple integration of mainframe data into e-Business solutions
  • No knowledge required about the original mainframe file structures