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tcACCESS – The Challenge

The Internet has revolutionized trading and has increased the demand for information delivery within the enterprise leading to a new breed of IT solutions:

Many companies are confronted with the same situation: A variety of application-systems and databases on different hardware- and software-platforms. To meet the challenge of a new Internet-oriented business model, it is nearly impossible to portray all business processes in one standardized IT solution. However the result must be to get the best solution out of the variety of possibilities offered.

Integration is essential in order to implement a successful e-Business solution in this heterogeneous IT environment. 

To ensure up-to-date information in all business areas at any time, the following requirements must be met:

  • Different applications must communicate with each other
  • Synchronization of Data-Stores on different systems.
  • Real-time integration of Data-Stores on different systems into applications

The growing importance of standard software applications for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as well as Business Intelligence (Data-mining) and Enterprise Information Portals focuses attention on these integration steps.  The fast growing market globalization and increasing number of company acquisitions and mergers demand additional steps for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) to achieve a successful e-Business implementation.

To meet today’s challenges was the driving force behind the development of tcACCESS.

tcACCESS helps to develop an infrastructure that is:

  • efficient and
  • transparent

by  integrating IBM mainframe Systems with Open Systems infrastructures

 Without the need to implement massive changes to the existing applications and with no changes to legacy file structures.

tcACCESS – The Solution

tcACCESS focuses on the integration requirements of corporations that want to reconcile IBM Mainframe technology with Client/Server and Web technology. The integration of different systems can be accomplished with tcACCESS (Mainframe Software, Workstation Software) on a data or application level.

With tcACCESS, reliable and completely automated procedures for data transfers can be implemented. Real-time access to information, which is stored in a different IT system than the one running the application, can be implemented easily. 

tcACCESS customers worldwide use a combination of both approaches.