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Synchronization of Mainframe data structures:

tcVISION provides different methods to determine changed data on a mainframe for synchronization purposes. These processing methods can easily be adapted to meet the enterprise specific application requirements. They are best suited for a fast and efficient implementation into a production environment.

The methods are:

  • The capturing of changed data in real-time and near real-time
  • Processing of Change Logs created by the data structure (not all data structures generates a change log)
  • Intelligent Batch Compare of different database states
  • Bulk Transfer entire tables

The captured changes are transferred to the tcVISION Propagation Engine. The Engine directly propagates the changes into the target DBMS or transfers the changes in a format accepted by the target system. The transfer process can be distributed across multiple platforms using the tcVISION Variable Process Balancing. During the transfer process the changed data can be processed by user application logic to meet the final requirements of the target system.

Mainframe Databases:

The following mainframe files and databases are supported on the IBM mainframe platform: