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tcVISION Data Capture Methods - Overview

tcVISION offers various data capture methods that can be used to support the required degrees of data latency and manage the amount of data processed. A efficient and secure data synchronization is assured by all methods.

These methods are:

Bulk Transfer

  • Efficent transfer of complete databases
  • Analysis for data consistency
  • Perfectly suited as „Initial Load“ prior to log-processings
  • Ideal solution for periodic mass data transfer
  • One-step data exchange operation
Note: BULK Transfer is also possible for ODBC, DB2/LUW and ORACLE

Log Processing

  • Available for IMS/DB, VSAM, DB2, DL/I, ADABAS, CA-IDMS, CA-Datacom
  • Transfer of changed data only for the specified time slot
  • perfectly suited for nighttime processing
  • perfectly suited for post log-processing

Batch Compare

  • Comparison with data snapshots
  • Efficient transfer of changed data since last Batch Compare run
  • Available for IMS/DB, DL/I, VSAM, DB2, ADABAS, CA-IDMS and sequential files, CA-Datacom
  • Automatic creation of deltas
  • Secure restart processing after error situations

DBMS Extension

  • Realtime and near realtime capturing of changed data
  • Change data capturing directly at database level
  • Available for IMS/DB, DL/I, VSAM, DB2, ADABAS, CA-IDMS, CA-Datacom
  • Secure data storage, even across DBMS restart